10 Long Lasting Perfume Samples


Brand New.

Top Quality. Imported.

Long Lasting.

3ml Perfume Spray tester Each.

In Presentable Glass Bottle.

6 are Impressions of famous brands and 4 are testers are of Famous Arabic fragrances.


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  1. Bleu De YUMNAZ – Impression of Bleu De Channel
  2. Leader by Yumnaz – Impression of Hugo Boss
  3. Life by Yumnaz – Impression of Dunhill Desire
  4. Growing Crystal
  5. Oud Al Arab
  6. Golden Oud
  7. Dark Oud
  8. Clever by Yumnaz – Impression of 212 Vip Men
  9. Thirst By Yumnaz – Impression of Ambition perfume.
  10. Feeling by Yumnaz – Impression of Lady Million Gold.


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