best smash burger press


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best smash burger press – Yumnaz

Product details:
Material: Aluminum Die Casting & Plastic Handle

Feature: Non-stick Coating, Washable, Barbecue, Meat pie and Barbecue Board.
Net Weight:255g
Package Included:
1 x Hamburger Burger Maker
The hamburger press helps you to prepare perfect and regular hamburgers that can be cooked directly on the grill fry pan or in the oven
Scince all the hamburgers have the same shape, they will be cooked at the same time. Crisp crust and short cooking time thanks to the grooving structure.
By pressing, the hamburgers are more solid and tend to be compact.

Burger Press for Producing Uniform Patties 0101 price is Rs. 850 only. Yumnaz also provides Free Delivery.


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